Aloha dear ones! Welcome to CorinnaHarris.com, a site for my story.

I’m Corinna – a twenty-something flower child with a deep rooted love for all things natural, good, and growing. I’ve spent the majority of my years traveling between the central coast of California where I was born, and Northeastern Washington where I grew up. The wild primal sea and heavy tree-laden mountains raised me, along with my ever loving parents and eclectic bunch of siblings.

I am one of 7 kids. My family has always been my anchor. A grounding place and safe space to return to when life gets to be a little too much. They’ve taught me so much, about love and trust and worthiness, and I am endlessly thankful to them.

In many ways, this blog is for them. An open invitation to join me in my journey whenever we’re apart, and to dive deeper into our shared experiences when we’re together. Writing has a way of doing that – of bringing the moment into further clarity, adding depth to perception and layers of meaning that may otherwise go unseen, unfelt.

But this is also for you. For the ones I haven’t met yet. I feel our connectedness. I see your heart and humanity and know you as family too, for as long as we’re breathing and moving upon this magnificent planet we all call Home. I am humbled and elated that you are here.

And so I invite you to walk with me. Join in on this adventure I call life. Take with you what feels right, release the rest, and let only the good things grow.

With love always, from here & now,