Is there a word?

Is there?

A word for tree inspired spiritual expansion?

Or for the way dark moss hangs and sways in the breezes. Eery and mystical, alive but not of this life. Not of this world.

How about… the sound scree makes below your feet when you’re thousands of feet up and soul-sailing the morning wind?

Is there a word for that?


Tinkling. Chiming. Singing.

Rock music…

Real rock music.

It uses your bones and breath and Earth around you as it’s¬†instruments.

How about the way the world comes alive, reveals herself to you when you choose to lose yourself in her magic; her forests and wildernesses.

Forget separation. Forget limits. You’re here. You can do anything.

Be… anything.

That feeling… floating within yourself, outside the Self, here there and everywhere, all at once, intrinsically connected to everything that is or was or ever will be.

Remember: there’s more to this reality than what we perceive.

(Ooor is there?)

That’s for you to decide, dear dreamer.

It’s whatever you want it to be.

. . . . . . .

You’re the director. You decide. You’re the actor, you play it out. The cameraman, boom operator, lighting technician. Name what’s fun or challenging in an inspiring way, and do that. Learn something new, for your future Self’s sake.

Find out exactly how you most like to live.

And live like that.

1 thought on “Is there a word?

  1. “Find out exactly how you most like to live. And live like that.” So much yessss!!!! Beautiful words, sis. Powerful reminders. Thank you for you… and your music. xoxo

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