Water and Willpower

Two weeks before the PCT. I start Easter Sunday. Two weeks…

Needless to say, I’m feeling a lot. I’ve been feeling a lot…

A lot of angst. Worry. Fear. Doubt. A lot of doubt. Excitement. Elation. Overwhelming appreciation for myself and all those who have gone before me. Everyone whose told their story, shared their personal journeys, reveled and cried at the moments experienced and memories made. Thank you for being open with those of us who, whether we know you personally or solely through the interwebs, gain so much from your insights and lessons learned. What to do. What not to do. And the ever important, ever present premise of Hike Your Own Hike which underlines every story, every hike. Live your own life. Follow your own unique and beautiful heart. Only you can know what’s best for you, what works for you, what will make you happy. Only you can be your best self.

This is me my becoming mine. Two weeks before I start the trail and I’m ready. I’ve done what I’ve needed to do. Lined everything up. Junked the old car, gave notice to work(x3), confirmed places to stay in San Diego, purchased plane ticket, ordered gear, researched, ordered more gear, researched, hiked for “training”, researched, ordered gear, sold gear, researched and researched some more. I’ve done more research for this hike than I’ve ever done for anything in my life – ever. I’ve never felt so committed to anything else. So eager and willing to learn, to know.

Now that I’m so close, I’m getting waves, sensations, of what it will feel like once I’m out there. Walking in the wild. Free, untethered to anything but my backpack and a map. Water and willpower pushing me forward. Upward. Toward my goal: Growth. Ultimately that’s what this hike is about for me. The good growth that comes from living your own life. Hiking your own hike. Choosing your dreams and pursuing them fully until they’re exhausted and spent and you’re completely satisfied through to your bones.

Two weeks.

May I flow with the ease of water

May my will be powerful and resolute

My body sturdy and strong

My senses aware

And may my movement always be from the heart.

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